That girl who wasn’t afraid

People watched her with wide eyes
Always thought her head was in the higher skies
But sometimes it was filled with clouds and fog
That felt like she was walking in a bog
There was a thunderstorm going on in her head
However, nobody saw that the darkness had spread
Days were the same to this girl
And she desperately wanted to get out of this whirl
She kept fighting and fighting because she knew better days would appear
When there was nothing left to fear
Still, day after day went by
She no longer looked people in their eye
But after a long time, the darkness went away
Somewhere else, where it could stay
Because this girl didn’t make room for it
Not enough so it could fit
She was the bravest girl people ever met
That was because to her, the darkness was no threat

This article was initially published on We Heart It, see: https://weheartit.com/articles/336724088

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