Travel mistakes to avoid

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”
— Hilaire Belloc

Since I have travelled a lot so far, I’ve also made mistakes, and that’s why today’s article is about the most common travel mistakes. And of course, I’ve added how to avoid these mistakes!

Packing random clothes

You might think: I’ll put three skirts, two jeans, five t-shirts and four sweaters in my suitcase and when I’m at my destination, I’ll pick something to wear every day. Hold on, stop right there! When you get back, you probably have struggled with what you want to wear most of the days and you’ll have tons of clothes which are still clean and not used when you’re home. To avoid this mistake, put some outfits together before you pack your clothes! With this method you’re going to wear everything you like, and you have more space for the other things that you really need.

Forgetting your last-minute stuff

Of course, there are some things you can’t pack the night before, because you need them in the morning. But watch out, because these are the things that most people forget to bring with them. For example: when you’re at the airport, you think you have everything in your suitcase, while your charger is still at home because you’ve charged your phone overnight. So please, take your time to do one last check at home.

Not making plans

If you’re going to the desert, this might work, but for most people it’s a must to plan, especially when you’re in a city. Imagine that it’s suddenly your last day in Paris and you still haven’t visit the spots you always wanted to go, such as ‘le Notre-Dame’ or ‘l’Arc de Triomphe’. Make sure you know what you want to visit and when! But one thing: do not overplan, because that’ll kill you and you won’t enjoy the trip.

We’ll wait…

Don’t be that person who thinks there will be place for you when you book the day before. If you want to see something which is an important thing of a city, you won’t be the only one. Make some reservations when it’s necessary and do some research!

Comfortable shoes? Never heard of

I’ve walked around Paris for a few days, and one day, in the evening, I was just limping. Even though I thought I wore comfortable shoes! And in this moment, the only thing I could was to picture a chair in front of me to sit in. So I desperately want for you to not feel the pain I felt, and no I’m not exaggerating, please select the most comfortable shoes you have!

Taxi’s are easy, aren’t they?

Uh, yes, they are very practical, but what most people forget: they also have a price tag. I don’t think that you want to spend all your money on taxi’s, so I have a better solution for you: public transport! I’m sure your wallet will be much more pleased with you.

Shampoo leaked

This mistake is so easily solved: put a tape over the caps of your shampoo bottles and there you go! You can also put them in a bag, but then the bottle can still open. You don’t want to have your clothes drenched with shampoo, right?

Where is my place to stay?

You probably think: ”How does this happen to people?” Surprise, it does! Not checking if your hotel is actually existing or not reading the reviews of the hotel: it can be fatal for your well-planned trip. Use Google Maps to find your hotel and see what it actually looks like, and read the reviews about the service and the rooms in your hotel.

10.000 pictures

Don’t make too much pictures. It makes sense that you want to show your family and friends where you’ve been and how beautiful it was there, but don’t forget to experience it yourself! Look through your eyes, not through your phone.

Why does the water taste weird?

Check if you can drink tap water in the country where you’re going. If you’re doubting, always buy bottled water in the grocery store. Better safe than sorry!

I hope you’ve gained some wisdom and you’ll use this list when you’re planning a new trip!

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